Place: Throughout Nepal  (17 Oct 2020 - 21 Oct 2020 )

Typically a 5-day celebration, the actual duration of Tihar or Deepawali may vary every year as per the Lunar Calendar. It is like a mega event when one can enjoy almost everything - lights, colours, food, music and even firecrackers!

The special worships include those of Laxmi (the goddess of wealth and prosperity), the crow, the dog and the cow (considered holy by Hindus).

Tihar is a much awaited event for the young and the old all alike as it includes a lot of things like worshipping, cooking, painting, singing, lighting, and so on. This is the only time of the year when firecrackers are publicly used, although highly discouraged by the authorities.

Also observed only during Tihar is the festive singing of typical songs called 'Deusi' and 'Bhailo' by the locals. They often form small groups and go from door to door to spread well wishes through their songs and expecting some offerings (money or sweets).