Nepal Sambat

Place: All over Nepal (among Newar communities)  (20 Oct 2020 )

Different festivities and cultural programs mark the occasion in Kathmandu, Lalitpur, and Bhaktapur. This day adds further glamor to the festive atmosphere of the cities, already glittering in mosaic of lights, since a major Hindu festival Tihar enters on the fourth day celebrations on this very occasion. A trip to Kathmandu at this time, therefore, can possibly be the best occasion to observe the full vibrancy of festive celebrations in this multicultural nation.

Nepal Sambat follows the lunar calendar. It consists of 354 days each year and an extra one month every third year. A resident of Kathmandu named “Shankhadhar Shakwha” is believed to have launched it on October 20, 879 A. D. Nepal Sambat was in official  use in Nepal as late as 1903 A. D., when the then prime minister of Nepal, Chundra Shumsher Rana, replaced it with Bikram Sambat.