Mata Tirtha Aunshi (Mother's Day)

Place: Mata Tirtha  (21 Apr 2021 )

Those who have lost their mothers pay tribute by donating a set of cereals, money and other items, collectively called 'Pinda'  to priests (Bramhins). They also join in a special religious fete held exclusively on this day at MataTirtha, a Hindu shrine situated south-west of Kathmandu, near Thankot. For this reason, this festival is also known as 'Mata Tirtha Aunshi'.

Of the two ponds at this place, worshippers take a ceremonial bath. Afterwards, they look at the surface of the upper pond, remembering their mothers. It is believed that in ancient times, people could see reflections of their mothers on the water surface of this very pond.

Tourists may find this place overcrowded on this particular day. However, it is worth paying a visit just to see how deeply rooted the religious beliefs and cultural values are in the minds of Nepalese even today.