Maha Shivaratri

Place: Pashupatinath  (24 Feb 2021 )

Thousands of people from different parts of Nepal and India gather at Pashupatinath from early morning to pay their homage and whatever offerings they can to their deity. They spend the entire night worshipping and singing prayers in and around the temple.

Do not forget to watch out for the Sadhus in different attire and make up seen throughout the day on the roads and around the temple. Some are even naked, known as Naange Babas, wearing nothing except bibhuti or the holy ash.

Locals of Kathmandu believe that once the festivities are over and the people from tropical regions (southern Nepal and India) return home, they take the chilliness of the valley along and it gradually becomes warmer. Thus, Maha Shivaratri is seen as the end of winter marker and the beginning of summer season.