Ghode Jatra

Place: Bhadrakali, Tundikhel  (27 Mar 2021 )

Legend has it that centuries ago, a demon named Tundi brought terror and destruction to the villagers who finally crusaded together and slayed him on the very ground where the showground of Tundikhel lies today. The Newar villagers then rejoiced their victory by dancing on the demon's body and crushing his remains with their horses.

Locals believe that the demon - or whatever remains of him - is still buried in the same place and if not trampled by horses every year, he would regain his powers and bring his vengeance on them again. To commemorate their bravery and to prevent the rise of the evil, Ghode Jatra (= horse carnival) is celebrated every year.

This special carnival begins in the presence of the head of the nation, chief of the army and other dignitaries as well as foreign guests. While main attractions include different horse-riding stunts, motorbike stunts, firing of canons and guns, acrobat, and special parades by the Nepal Army, people also enjoy the music, dance and delicious foods.