Bisket Jatra

Place: Bhaktapur  (09 Apr 2021 - 16 Apr 2021 )

While the bringing down of the pole during Bisket Jatra symbolises the destruction of evil in the beginning of Bikram Sambat New Year, the collision of chariots belonging to male and female deities, known as Bhairab and Bhadrakali respectively , stands for ritual consummation and hence represents fertility.

Another equally joyous celebration takes place in a place called Thimi in Bhaktapur on the second day of the New Year when people play extravagantly with vermillion powder. This festival is called Sindure Jatra. Also on this day, in a nearby place called Bode, a very striking tongue-piercing ritual is conducted, followed by the man with his pierced tongue going round the city in a massive procession.