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Established in 1998, Mirabel Resort Hotel is an ideal place for living and capturing some of the best days of your life. The resort aspires to impress its guests from every angle - from its layout to its operations, from indoor dining to outdoor catering and from room service to different sorts of recreational activities.

You decide whether you want to simply laze or get into some real action.  Be it a day long activity or a weeklong expedition, the professional staff will make all necessary arrangements accordingly. Your options include pilgrim tours, cultural experiences, short hikes, sightseeing, meditation, fishing and adventurous white water rafting.

Mirabel Resort Hotel is operating under an efficient management led by Shyam Mohan Shrestha, the Managing Director. He has excelled in a number of professional careers. He has been the Director of Nepal-France Chamber of Commerce and also of Air France (Nepal office).

Bishnu Rajthala will be more than pleased to receive you at the resort. You will see him supervising his subordinates and cooperating actively all the time. During tea-breaks however, he likes to sit in the garden and have a chat with his guests. Like the entire crew of Mirabel, Bishnu is also a polite and self-motivated man.

Caring for Destination

This accommodation provider has taken action to address one or more issues (whether environmental, social or cultural) which will contribute positively to the long term viability of the destination and hence their site displays a Caring for the destination rating.

Detailed description of the Caring for the Destination Initiative:

During your stay at Mirabel, you will see how concerned they we are about finding and implementing sustainable energy sources. At a time when energy prices are soaring and the energy crisis is forcing us to rethink about our practices, we have made an executive decision to give alternative energy a try.

We have installed a biogas generation plant within the facility, already operational and powering up the Staff Canteen. The same plant is playing a very significant role in waste management, as it basically treats biodegradable wastes to produce biogas, which is considered to be cleaner than conventional fossil fuels.

Our future plan is to extend this plant, increase its capacity and generate clean energy required for our daily operations. Although it may take years before that goal is achieved, you as a tourist can definitely become a part of our initiative towards responsible tourism.