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Acclaimed for its decor as well as excellent services, Kathmandu Resort Hotel has brought itself into the limelight, attracting tourists who look for the real experience rather than fancy objects while visiting a new place. Everything at KRH has been designed for your comfort as well as viewing pleasure, not to mention the versatile in-house restaurant, the well-stocked bar and the excellent room service. After all, you deserve to be pampered when you are a guest of the capital city of Nepal.
Kathmandu Resort Hotel is located at Sagarmatha Bazar (bazar = market in Nepalese), the newly established shopping area in central Thamel, just about 75 m from Thamel Chowk. This area is famous for its buildings modelled after the famous Malla Age architecture, ease of access and lots of shops. Normally, it would cost you around NPR 500 for a one way transfer from the airport to the hotel (or vice versa) in a tourist cab.


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Hotel Address: Sagarmatha Bazaar, Thamel, Kathmandu

Getting there

After exiting Tribhuvan International Airport, drive to Thamel either via Lainchaur or Kesharmahal. When driving via Lainchaur, head for the Thamel-Sorhakhutte junction and instead of going downhill, turn left. You will find the hotel about 100 metres up that street. Alternatively, if you choose to go via Kesharmahal, you need to take the Tridevi Marg and enter Thamel, turning right once at Thamel Chowk and then left at the immediate Y-junction. About 20 m ahead from this point you will find Sagarmatha Bazar on the right hand side of the road. You will find Kathmandu Resort Hotel at the farther end of this bazar.

Since the hotel provides free arrival point transfer, you can simply send your arrival information at least 48 hours before arriving in Kathmandu and it will take care of the rest.