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The hotel is located in a peaceful area that is relatively free from pollution. Yet it is very close to all the tourist hubs of Kathmandu City and within walking distance of the embassies of some European nations, the USA, Japan, and India.

The hotel’s rooftop overlooks beautiful green hills to the north of Kathmandu valley and greenery in the neighbourhood, a rare sight for most of Kathmandu. Even more importantly, its friendly and very hospitable staffs give your stay an intimate, homelike feel. In every possible way, they want to put customer satisfaction in the centre of their services and earn a distinct name for their new venture.

Sanam Manandhar, a young and outgoing person, is the owner and operator of Hotel Cascade. He is very much excited to make a name for him and his hotel from the very beginning. He sounds very upbeat about beginning this new profession in his life. Previously he worked in the field of construction and contract.

“Long experience of a certain field alone does not make anyone special, but the amount of interest and passion that you put into whatever you do,” he says, sharing his opinions about his new undertaking.