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Gokarna Forest Resort appears to be a world of happiness in its own, neither affected by external disturbances nor disturbing its surroundings. Formerly, a franchise of Le Meredien Hotels, the resort began operating independently in 2004 and has been able to set its impression in the international market.

The residential buildings of the resort are two storied bungalows built either in the Malla Age (15th-17th century) or the Rana Age (19th-20th century) architecture. To reach the buildings you will have to drive about 600 metres further into the forest through the main entrance. Once you enter the area, you will be impressed by the clean, peaceful and unspoilt beauty of the area, something you could hardly imagine.

The resort offers a wide variety of services suitable for almost any themes you may have, such as short weekend stays, extended stays, honeymoon, seasonal vacations, business events, sporting events, wildlife encounters, and more. In the recent years, it has been chosen by hundreds of couples as their honeymoon destination; no doubt they were impressed by the quality of services and seclusion of the place itself.

Gokarna Forest Resort is situated in a peaceful area of Ranikunj, Gokarna, at a distance of about 7 kms from Tribhuvan International Airport. It lies inside the green forest, between Mulpani and Thali, north side of the way to Sankhu.


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Hotel Address: Ranikunj, Kathmandu

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Getting there

Although buses and vans are available to go to Gokarna, you will have to change vehicles at least once. Therefore, for the sake of your own convenience, taking a taxi would be simpler, though a bit more costly.

You can take any of the queued airport cabs or prepaid cabs and instruct the driver to head towards Gokarna. You need to turn right from airport's final exit gate, and then right again at the crossing of Gaushala and keep driving until you reach Chabhil Chowk. From there, take the road to Sankhu and head to Mulpani via Jorpati. Watch for hoarding signs on the left side of the road after crossing Mulpani until you see the resort's main gate. Download and take a printout of the location map to be sure that you get there safely. The fare should average between 10-12 US Dollars.

The easiest way of getting there would be to request for a paid pick-up service and the resort will arrange for it. The cost is approximately 11 USD for one-way transfer and 14 USD for two-way transfer.